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12/8/2022  1:37:59 AM  
Oregon jumps on marine engine bandwagon
October 16, 2002
In an effort to promote new technology marine engines, Oregon recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU calls for the acceleration of phased-in lower polluting marine engines.

Participating in the signing ceremony were the Oregon State Marine Board, the Portland Marine Dealers Association, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Marine Retailers Association of America, the Personal Watercraft Industry Association and NMMA. The MOU launches development of a public information and marketing campaign educating personal watercraft operators and boaters about carbureted marine engines and the environmental benefits of retiring them in favor of efficient, lower-pollution marine engines. Other states that have signed MOUs with the boating and personal watercraft industries include MD, NH, MA, FL, ME, VT, NY, WI, CT and RI.

EPA regulations mandate that marine engine manufacturers must produce outboard and personal watercraft engines that reduce engine hydrocarbon emissions by 75 percent by 2006. Many marine industries have quickly followed these regulations by producing, introducing and effectively retailing new technology engines.

For more information, contact NMMA vice president of Government Relations Monita Fontaine at (202) 721-1602; , visit the NMMA website at, or visit the Oregon State Marine Board’s website at

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