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5/28/2024  10:21:27 PM  
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*The statistics are based on the average number of monthly fatalities for the period 1995 - 2001.

Yet Another life Claimed By That SILENT KILLER As New Boating Fad Opens The Door To
Carbon Monoxide Lethal Dangers

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. COAST GUARD HEADQUARTERS, TEAK/DRAG SURFING CLAIMS ANOTHER LIFE-- Too soon since the Coast Guard's last Media Advisory, another person has tragically succumbed to carbon monoxide [CO] while Teak/Drag Surfing. This time CO claimed the life of a 14 year old boy as he was being towed behind a personal watercraft [PWC] in order to "Teak/Drag Surf". Regrettably, what was to have been an enjoyable day on the water resulted in a tragedy that a Connecticut family will never forget.

With the approach of Labor Day weekend the U.S. Coast Guard is alerting the public again of the dangers associated with "Teak/Drag Surfing". "This phenomenon is spreading across the country. It looks like fun, and that is the rub. The obvious thrill it offers is what makes it enticing. But, and that is a very big but, the price is too costly; it kills," said Captain Scott Evans, Chief of the Office of Boating Safety, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters.

"Why is it dangerous? It is like playing with a loaded gun," Evans said. He then noted, "As I explained in the previous advisory, "Teak/Drag Surfing" entails individuals taking hold of the swim platform of a vessel while it is underway. After a large wake builds up, they let go of the platform and body surf. This puts the individual directly in the path of the vessel's exhaust where they breathe in dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. If that in itself is not dangerous enough, the individuals are also in a position that a slight miscalculation may throw them into a spinning propeller. "And, it doesn't stop there, Evans said, in order to "Teak/Drag Surf" you cannot wear a life jacket, the two do not go together. So, all this is a recipe for tragedy. A tragedy that the Coast Guard wants to see averted, and that is why we are re-issuing this alert."

The United States Coast Guard advises boaters not to "Teak/Drag Surf." Recent boating fatalities revealed that carbon monoxide [CO] emitted from a vesselís exhaust resulted in CO poisoning and the death of at least six teak surfers. "Teak/Drag Surfing" places the individual in position directly exposed to the CO in the engineís exhaust. This may result in a loss of coherent responses and even death. In addition, "Teak/Drag Surfing" dangerously exposes the individual to a possible propeller injury, and since it is done without a life jacket [PFD], it significantly increases the probability of drowning. Therefore, the Coast Guard stresses, "Teak/Drag Surfing" is a very dangerous activity and advises boaters not to participate in it.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has conducted an extensive investigation and issued a valuable report on the dangers associated with "Teak/Drag Surfing". The report describes the dangers and supports them with details. The report is on their website at

The Coast Guard pointed out that carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous gases. It strikes before you know you are exposed and it impairs in a way that can and too often does leads to death. That is why it is so important to the Coast Guard that in every circumstance where it can be avoided; it is.

Captain Evans stressed, "It is important that the public be aware of carbon monoxide's dangers, be in a position to protect itself and be protected from carbon monoxide's deadly grasp. Therefore, public awareness and the media's assistance remains valuable tools for helping us defeat this deadly enemy."

Currently, the Coast Guard is working with other concerned agencies and continues to look for engineering solutions to arrest those carbon monoxide problems presently impacting recreational boating.

"I can not say it enough; Captain Evans noted, both on land and at sea, carbon monoxide is not to be tempted. That is why the Coast Guard stresses that you protect yourself and avoid activities such as "Teak/Drag Surfing" that directly expose you to carbon monoxide's lethal tentacles."

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